Dream picBad dreams are never fun. Recently I found myself crying out in the middle of a dream. Frantically trying to yell for help, but all I could do was get out a quiet whimper. I imagine that if someone were standing over my bed watching, I would have looked like the family pet twitching and running and whining in my sleep. From inside the dream I remember the attempt to yell and the frustration of not being able to actually call for help. I think it was that frustration that lead to the realization I was dreaming and then waking up. That sense of helplessness and the realization that I was experiencing “unreality” woke me up.

Life can be similar to that dream. We can live in a state of “unreality”. We can live our lives hypnotized by the comforts of life. Most of us would say that life is quite real and not all that comfortable at times. That there is no fantasy or hypnosis involved in the trials and endurance race we all run. I agree, life can be brutal. A lot of time is spent asking if the trials and tribulations are all there is? Do we have to accept that that is just the way life will always be? Are our lives what we thought they would be when we were children? Are we living up to our potential? In fact what is our potential? And, how would you really know?

God knows your potential. He created your destiny for you to live. Anything short of that destiny is a waste from a human perspective, tragic from a heavenly perspective, and “according to plan” from the satanic perspective.

We can know that destiny. We can walk in that potential and realize it, activate it, wind it up and let it go.

But, first we need to wake up! We have to stop the world from hypnotizing us.

I have been hypnotized before. I used to play computer games online. Specifically, Call of Duty. I started playing way back when the game Medal of Honor came out, and I just kept moving to the next game. I was pretty good for an “Old Guy”. I even joined a “Christian Gaming Clan”, and spent time witnessing about Jesus online to gamers who would play in our online server. At one point those of us in the Clan lead probably 20 – 30 people to Christ. As good as that sounds, it wasn’t the best for me. I spent more time playing than I care to think about (yes it was an addiction). The idea that I was doing good while feeding my addiction was an excuse. I was hypnotized. It was comfortable.

About a year ago, two good friends of mine who are writers came back from a Christian Writers Conference at Mt. Hermon. Their excitement was contagious, and I got jealous. I like to think of myself as a writer. But, I am one of those “hobby writers” with a box full of stories I started and never finished. Good ideas never polished up or nurtured through to a conclusion. I would get a moment of divine inspiration (that is how I saw the process) and write until I lost that inspiration, and end up with an unfinished story. So my friend’s contagious excitement caused me to talk to God about why I was jealous. He just asked me a question, “What means more to you, Gaming or Writing? Which of those is the most profitable?”. He reminded me of First Corintnians 10:23 “All things are lawful, but not all things are profitable. All things are lawful, but not all things edify”. I quit gaming “Cold Turkey” that day.

I would love to be able to say that after that I miraculously became this incredible writer, I didn’t. In actuality it took my mind almost 9 months to begin to heal. The images from the game dominated my imagination. I would lay in bed months after I quit gaming, and the images of the different scenes in the game would replay themselves. I had cauterized my imagination with the images from the games.

Today, watching television for too long does the same thing. It saturates the imagination. Fills it with images that crowd out what The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit want to put in there. It HYPNOTIZES you. It drugs your mind and makes you feel comfortable.

So I ask you, what does your destiny look like? Have you asked The Father what it is He planned for you from the beginning of time? Does your current life look anything like that? Is there a sense of “Hopelessness” when your heart dares to desire to walk the Destiny Dream? If your heart is longing for that and you feel remorse and a sense that life will never change? Then you are in the dream yelling for help. You are beginning to realize that you are sleepwalking. Wake up!

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