Dead Men Walking…

Handfull of Dirt

We are all dead men walking. We are the new creation, dead to this world and alive to Christ. This understanding is crucial for the war we are in. The following clip illustrates exactly what I mean. 

Lt. Spiers scene from Band of Brothers

Lt. Spiers has a different reason for saying what he told Private Blythe…hopelessness. For the believer though, that is exactly how we are supposed to live. Like we are already dead. Because hopelessness only applies to those who live in this world. If you have been redeemed? Then you are not of this world, but Christ’s, and hopelessness has no hold on you. Rather, give up hope that this world can give you any kind of fulfillment. 
I recommend the sermon Kris Vallotton preached a few years ago on his book Spirit Wars. He does a fantastic job of describing how dead we are to this world. So if we are dead to this world and alive to the promises Jesus gave us? How should we live? How should we fight the war against evil? Fear should have no place in our lives as fear has no effect upon us, other than what you give it. If you believe the lies, then you allow fear to have a place in your heart.   
When you were baptized. You became a completely new species of human. Your body may fail you, and we are subject to all the same crud – day in and day out – as anyone else. However, we ARE dead to this world as our lives are seated in heaven. And, yes, it’s a matter of perspective. (in some ways we are the original “Dead Men Walking”) But, that perspective is what keeps me “Daring Great Things”.
I dare, with the understanding that my reward is just on the other side of eternity. I mean, what can they do? Kill me?
I love my kids and absolutely adore my new grandchild Autumn. But, my tribe is waiting. All the Hastings that came before that are before the throne are watching me. Cheering me and the other Hastings still here in this world to attempt great things!
I have always wondered how the disciples went from fearful men cowering in their homes from the Romans to world changers. But, now I understand. Their perspective was from Heaven to Earth. They were convinced that that perspective was the true reality of their lives and that they were already there in Heaven. They were Dead Men Walking! Nothing to LOSE, and everything to GAIN!





…faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Wedding Day



Sunday, February 11th, 3:51 AM


After one of my normal night-time interruptions, I began to pray for the kind of love that loves the unlovable. I asked Jesus what was in me that was in the way of that kind of love. Because I knew that if I loved like He loved, Nancy would be healed.

Then, as I tried to go back to sleep, I asked for the kind of Love that takes your breath away. The kind of Love that sneaks up and enfolds you in a tangible blanket of intimate ecstatic joyful expectation.

I realized this kind of Love creates an expectation – Faith – that is tangible, malleable, and fungible (this word popped into my mind; I had to look it up. In essence it is a word for an exchangeable commodity or currency). Faith is the fungible currency that pays the toll for the impossible dreams. It is so tangible that it can cause/bring spiritual reality to manifest “here on Earth as it is in Heaven”, and take on physical/earthly properties. So much so that I understood that Peter wasn’t walking on water. He was walking on the substance of Faith. His Faith created substance he could walk on. 

But, I realized that this Faith only comes as a consequence of the kind of Love that transforms and transcends our earthly understanding of love. In the past I have talked about what George Otis, Jr. describes as “Transformational Prayer”. I would describe this as Transformational Love. Just as we have become a new creation when we are born again. There is a higher Love that only exists in Heaven. But, that we can access here on Earth.

This transformational Love creates its own tangible reality. A reality both physical and heavenly at the same time. It’s why the Disciples could put their fingers into the holes in Jesus’s wrists. A tangible reality only more so. More real, possessing more facets, more capacity, more strands of physical DNA (so to speak), unseen since Eden. A reality so completely different than anything seen on Earth that no language created by man has the capability of describing it. Which is why the people in the Hebrides when asked to describe what they saw – what happened to them during their visitation – just look at each other and cry. Because there are no human words available to describe that reality.

Again, this kind of Faith comes only as a consequence of Love. It is not something you can work up in your mind. I don’t think there are any rituals that can “Summon” it. It’s a process of “putting off the things that hinder”. I believe it IS something you recognize. Something you discover when you realize the…

“Ephesians 3:17 …so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and grounded in love, 18 may have power, together with all the saints, to comprehend the length and width and height and depth of His love, 19 and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God” 

I pray today that you all would discover this Love that passes all understanding! (I finally get that one! LOL)